Top Online Slots At Online Casinos In Australia

Slots in Australia and New Zealand are called pokies. There are many types of pokies and many considerations when choosing which pokies and how to play them. Firstly it is essential to understand what a pokies game is and where it comes from. In the latter part of the 19th Century, a curious mechanic called Charles Fey was playing around with spinning drums to see where they would stop and, if he put holes in the drums, would line up. This led to the invention of the first official slot game called the Liberty Bell. Since then, the development of slots has grown and exploded, creating the most popular online and mobile Casino game today and one of the most popular games at land-based Casinos. Today, hundreds of software companies are constantly working on new slots games, new ways to win, and new ideas that will entice and excite players.

The Many Types of Pokies Games and Their Winning Opportunities

All pokies are visually rich, creating an exciting game that players will want to play. The layouts of games vary, with classic slots games offering three reels and one to five paylines. The video pokies have five, six, and seven reel layouts and offer payouts through set paylines, winning ways, and group payouts. Each game is unique and different, including many exciting bonuses on and off-screen and different extras boosting play. To earn a payout in the base game, players must match two to three symbols on one of the set paylines together in winning ways or by matching symbols in groups. Details of each winning opportunity and requirement are given in the pay tab of each game. Many classic pokies games offer the paytable on screen, or the paytable is found through a click-through screen. The paytable is an invaluable source of information advising the player of all winning opportunities and giving information on any bonus options and unique features. Pokies games are individual and offer different bonus games and different features. The bonus games may include free spins, pick-and-win games, changing and expanding symbols, increasing payouts for completing tasks, games with interactive options, games with bonus trails and bonus wheels, and games with gamble buttons and progressive jackpots. Each game is different, and the paytable helps players learn about the game and understand its features.

Themes and Styles of Pokies Games at Australian Casinos

Australians love a good history trek and also nature. The choice of themes is phenomenal, and the many pokies games cover every aspect of real life and fantasy. Players can find a game that takes them on safari or through underwater kingdoms to meet King Neptune, or players can move to the skies and visit different planets. Some games take players through fantasy kingdoms, into forests filled with fairies, and even some with witches. Stretching the imagination further, there are pokies games with blood-sucking vampires, aliens, and superheroes. Everyday life-themed games can also be enjoyed, and historical options move players worldwide into the Wild West, the Far East, and even American history lessons. The choice of games is exciting and entertaining, and many players even comment on how much they learn from the games.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies Add Value to Each Game

Progressive Jackpot games are regular pokie games that have a bonus. The progressive jackpot is a running jackpot offered in the game that is linked across all Casinos offering the same game. Every bet placed adds value to the progressive jackpot and increases the incentive to keep playing and hopefully win one of the jackpots. There are games with single progressive jackpots, and there are games with up to five progressive jackpots. Each pokies game offers a different way to win the progressive jackpot, including random triggers, specific games and tasks leading to jackpot payouts, and the appearance of particular symbols or groups of characters on the screen. Jackpot pokies add a lot of value and winning potential, often increasing the return to player chances.

Understanding the Buttons and How to Play Pokies

Every Pokies game has a paytable that informs the player about the winning possibilities and highlights the different buttons and controls that activate the game. The play button sets the reels spinning. A plus and minus button allow players to place bets using the different coin sizes offered. The bet max button is a shortcut to place the maximum coins. And some games include an autoplay button. The autoplay provides a chance to preset spins. Some games allow up to one hundred spins to run consecutively, and players can stop the autoplay anytime and move back to manually hitting the spin button. The autoplay is very useful for players who like to relax, watch the reels spin, or want to do something else while also playing pokies.

Pokies Bet Sizes and Options

Every pokies game defines the number of coins that can be placed and also the size of coins. There are penny pokie machines that accept $0.01 as the lowest bet, and there are games with high minimums. There are pokies games where players can only bet one coin per payline, and there are games where up to ten coins can be placed per payline. Checking the betting options and coin sizes before choosing a game and setting a budget is sensible.

Strategies and Tips When Playing Pokies Games

Every pokies game is different; luckily, all games can be tried before any real money betting. Random number generators run pokies games. This computer-run program ensures every spin of the reels is random, and the game's outcome cannot be predicted. There are no tricks and no way around this, but players can use a few tips to reach the maximum potential in the game. Always bet the maximum number of coins. This does not have to be the maximum bet because coin sizes can be chosen. The maximum bet will bring the most significant payout when a payout is won about the bet placed. Always look at the return to player of the game. This amount can be won in return over time, but not in one spin of the reels; this is an important fact to remember. Choose games that are interesting and exciting for you. There is truth in the many quotes that say if you do something you love, you will do better at it and excel. Playing games with progressive jackpots doe not necessarily mean that the jackpot increases winning chances, but there is always a chance to win it. Play games within your budget. Never spend more than you can afford, thinking the next bet will compensate for all the losses. And always play pokies at a registered and approved Casino. Where Casino and pokies bonuses are offered, please take advantage of them. When playing pokies, always remember it is a game and be prepared to lose the money invested, and then when winning, the feeling is ecstatic.

Casino Bonuses and Special Offers Boost Pokies Games

Every Casino offers some promotion or introductory offer that entices the player and boosts his bets. The offers may relate to pokies or may be general. Types of offers include free spins, no-deposit bonuses, cashback rewards, and match-up offers. Add the bonuses to the self-set budget, giving more funds and time to enjoy the Pokies games. And where a loyalty club is offered, join. Casino loyalty clubs offer extra bonuses and benefits, exclusive game entries, and unique rewards that can increase winning possibilities and make the experience more enjoyable.

Pokies Tournaments and Competitions

Many online and mobile Casinos offer tournaments or competitions. The tournament is either free or low-cost and provides a low-cost way to win large amounts of money based on the promise of the Casino. The tournaments may run for a day, a week, or even longer, allowing the player to see his name on a leaderboard and earn great bonuses. The significant advantage of playing in tournaments is that the player invests less and can potentially win more.

Choosing Pokies Based on Fun or Return to Player Percentages.

The choice of pokies at online and mobile Casinos is exceptional, and choosing the suitable game is based on personal taste and winning possibilities. The games with the highest payouts and return to play may be inviting for that aspect, but they may not offer the excitement and satisfaction sought. Indian Dreaming Pokie is considered the highest-paying pokie. It confirms a return to player of 98.99%. This game by Aristocratic Gaming has developed from a five reel nine payline game to a five reel game with 243 winning ways. With a distinct Native American theme, players can enjoy double payouts when the wild Chief lands on a winning way, and they can trigger up to 45 free spins with the buffalo scatter symbol. Catfather by Pragmatic Play is another high-paying pokies game with five reels and nine paylines, offering a 98.1% return. Including different cats and their cute expressions, this game offers up to 25 free spins when three, four, and five of the intelligent mouse scatter symbol appear on the reels. And the black cat wild can also randomly stack on the middle three reels, giving players higher winning payouts and more fun. Jokerizer by Yggdrasil is another high-paying Pokies game with a 98% return to the player. This 3D game is filled with classic slots and symbols, including a bell, grapes, lemons, cherries, a seven, and a star. The bonuses in this pokies game are triggered with three joker symbols leading to payouts of up to 6000 coins. And the Joker can appear on the reels in a winning payout offering to collect or Jokerize for 20 coins, which can also lead to high bonus payouts. These games are part of the high-paying pokies and are fun and rewarding but maybe not as famous or exciting as some other games.

The Most Played and Famous Pokie Games

Mega Moolah, a four-progressive jackpot game by Microgaming, is one of the most popular pokie games. Offering cartoon safari animals in a colorful African setting, players enjoy five reels of action and fun with twenty-five paylines. The wild lion offers to complete payouts, and the scatter monkey gives players fifteen free spins with a triple multiplier when three or more show on the reels. The big fun starts when the progressive jackpot is randomly triggered. This takes players to a different screen with an exceptional bonus wheel. Each section of the bonus wheel relates to one of the four progressive jackpots. The mini, minor, major, and mega jackpots are constantly growing, starting at $100, and by spinning the bonus wheel, the player is guaranteed a win of one of the jackpots. Because of this randomly triggered bonus jackpot game, Mega Moolah has become one of the most played pokies games ever. Another excellent and popular pokies game is the simple Break da Bank Again. This game is laid out with five reels and nine paylines. The symbols make it such a popular game, with wads of cash, gold bars, jewels, and high-value checks spinning around the reels together with high-scoring letters and numbers of cards. The game's logo is wild and allows players to complete paylines. A safe is the scatter symbol triggering fifteen, twenty, and twenty-five free spins with three, four, and five showing on the reels. Simple classic pokies games, including 777 by Real Time Gaming and Sevens and Bars by Rival, are also top-rated, offering quick and easy games with highly rewarding payouts. 777 is a three-reel game with one payline, including a chance to hold reels and receive a random progressive jackpot. In this game, the higher the bet, the higher the potential payouts. Sevens and Bars include diamonds, dollar signs, and diamond bars among the symbols. There are three reels and one payline. The highest payout is given for a seven, diamond, and bar, in that order on the payline, offering 22500 coins. Whether looking for great visuals, high payouts, or simple fun, there is always a pokie game, and the best of all is that every game may be tried in practice mode giving all the time in the world for the player to understand the game and get to know any special features.

The Future of Online and Mobile Pokies

In less than a decade, the world of social gaming has exploded. Social gaming offers the same type of pokies and often the same games, but the big difference is that players do not have to invest any money to play these games. Registration at the social Casinos is required as proof of age. Once complete, the player is given a set amount of gold coins that he can use on any of the pokies, and in return, he can win more gold coins. The social Casinos also include a different type of coin in the sweepstakes that can be won or bought, leading to actual cash prizes or benefits, including physical prizes that players may win. The Social Casino world is beginning to emerge in Australia, and players are getting used to enjoying pokies without paying but still having the potential to win or at least enjoy different prizes.